Over the years I have built a file of all of the dogs behind American Sheltie Champions. This information is now available in a readily accessible booklet form for use by anyone to construct a pedigree or pedigrees for any of the included dogs in as great a depth as desired. The format I use is a listing of the dogs, their sires, and their dams in three columns across the page. Spiral bindings permit the booklets to open flat for convenient use. Included are all of the American and Canadian titles, the color, the sex, and (for American Champions) the year of finishing the championship. An example is:

 88D AM/CAN CH Barlo's Knight To Remember (S ...
... CH Brandywines Calliope (S ...
... Hundi Enjoli (S

which is the dog, its sire, and its dam: all three being on a single line in the books. Hence, each line represents a 1-generation pedigree.

Accordingly, one can quickly put together as extensive a pedigree as one would like, as, for example,

     D                   CH September's Rainmaker ROM  (S
                  CH Barwoods Raincheck ROM  (S
                         CH Barwoods Rhapsody ROM  (S
           CH Brandywines Calliope  (S
                         CH September's Rainmaker ROM  (S
                   Barwoods Summer Showers  (S
                         CH Barwoods Summer Storm  (S
     AM/CAN CH Barlo's Knight To Remember  (S
                         AM/CAN CH Banchory Back Stop ROM  (T
                  AM/CAN CH Tull E Ho's Valentino  (S
                         AM/CAN CH Tull E Ho's Social Butterfly  (S
            Hundi Enjoli  (S
                         CH Westwood Tuf Stuff Of Coally  (S
                   Tull E Ho's Tanqueray  (S
                         CH Tull E Ho Desiree O'Barwood  (S

Three volumes have been prepared. The first contains all of the AKC and CKC Sheltie Champions (and their sires and dams) through 2012 (18,000+ champions since the first in 1915). Since not all of the sires and/or dams (nor other ancestors) of champions are themselves champions, the second book contains similar information for the "Non-Champions" behind the "Champions" (25,000). Together, these two books provide complete pedigrees for every champion (and for all of its ancestors) for as many generations as desired, ending with the (primarily) English imports.

A smaller third volume entitled "Foreign" Shelties Behind Sheltie Champions contains comparable information for the dogs (primarily English and Australian) behind the imports. This volume carries the pedigrees back to the origins of the breed (the founding lines and families).

With these books, one has the pedigrees of every champion and of all of the champion's ancestors along with colors and all AKC and CKC titles published at the time of printing.

For further information, contact

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Last updated 7 November 2013