Bob Miller, Barlo Shelties

Here is a pedigree of the Brindle Sheltie uncovered by Mildred Nicoll some years back. Note that there may be miscellaneous spelling/punctuation errors for which I take credit. Following the pedigree are reproductions of the photos obtained by Rebecca Goldberg (scanned by Pat Ferrell, ASSA Historian) which are used with her and Mildred's permission.

                                Sunnydell The Wayfarer
                        Laddie Of Sunnydell
                                Lady Mae Connolly
                Laddie's Prince Maximilian
                        Kristina's Little Princess
                                Terri-Ann II
        Vicious Merrill Prince
                                Sejkora Buster
                        Buster Do-Little
                                Sejkora's Robin
                Peaches N Cream Christine
                                Rusty Rov-A-Long
                        Pennie's Little Jo-Jo
                                Golden Pennie II
Simple Simons Harley (7/19/90)
                                Reneeshire High N'Mighty
                        Stars' High N'Mighty Laddie
                                Miles Sandy II
                Thornbrook's Rikki Tavi
                                Flame Of Marycrest
                        Stars' Prissy P Punkin
                                Hillhaven Golden Girl
        Irish Shamrock Rose
                                CH S H SUNSHINY DAY
                        Sh's Brand New Day
                                CH S H'S LI'L SHOT O'SCOTCH
                Miss Susie Larue
                                Coleman's Tyran O'Kelly
                        Kelie Alissis
                                Meisinger's Diamond Dixie


                                Mary's Sunday Surprise
                        Fairres Golden Keoni
                                Sunday's Summer Love
                Okie From Miami
                                Bryan's Shamrock
                        Shydie Chantelle Centurion
                                Backs Baby Bonnie
        Simple Simons Simonizer
                                Windy Mariah's Shadow
                        Sam's Buster Brown
                                Shan-Rie Peach Brandy
                Lady Sheltie's Sasha
                                Kriesels Hansel
                        Lady Sheltie VIII
                                Harrells Sammy Lou
Simple Simons Frannie (12/7/90)
                                CH OZARK CREST SUNNY SIDE UP
                        CH LIMERICK DAY TRIPPER
                                Foxrun Sarah
                Kriesels Hansel
                                Witch Doctors Image Of Ray-Win
                        Vetter's Red Foxie Lady
                                Vetter's Majestic Tuffy
        Lady Sheltie VIII
                                CH BARWOODS BONANZA O' MERRI-LON
                        Shan-Ric Moonshine Man
                                Kinni's Kirstiana
                Harrells Sammy Lou
                                Swofford's Gentleman Jack
                        Stephens Jackland Girl
                                Stephens Molly